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Jobs in Boston

In the heart of New England lies Beantown, a city of 685,000 people that is home to the fabled Harvard and MIT campuses. While the city is quite a bit more expensive than the national average, once you find a job in Boston the city has a median household income of nearly $75,000. And with an unemployment rate of just 3.1% the job market is healthy with plenty of different industries to consider when starting your job search. With the sixth largest economy in the States and the 12th largest in the world, there’s a lot going on here. Rich in history and a diverse cultural mix, making the move to Boston for a new career would be an interesting place to focus your search.

Industries with jobs in Boston

While the size of Boston isn’t comparable to New York City to the south, many of the same industries are present in both cities. The major industries with jobs in Boston are:

BiotechnologyVenture CapitalTourismFinancial ServicesEducation

The typical financial and investment firms found in most cities are well represented in Boston. Tourism also accounts for a large portion of the local economy which brings in billions of dollars annually for the city. With all of the higher education institutions found in and around Boston, it shouldn’t be a surprise that there are plenty of jobs in Boston in the education industry.

Top jobs in Boston

The city is home to 4 Fortune 500 companies and many headquarters or regional offices for multinational corporations and international brands are found in the city. Some of the major companies in the city are:

Fidelity InvestmentsGeneral ElectricConverseNew BalanceMassachusetts General Hospital

With Boston being the capital of Massachusetts there are plenty of government jobs in Boston. The multiple colleges and universities in and around the city also create thousands of jobs for teachers and support staff.

Living in Boston

Boston is definitely not one of the cheapest cities in the States. The cost of living is nearly 50% higher in Boston compared to the rest of the country. Housing will be a major expense and one-bedroom apartments in the city go for $2,400 and up. Things get a little cheaper outside the city, but don’t expect massive savings. You’ll get your fair share of events and activities to distract you from your rising rent, though! Sports, galleries, museums, culinary treats and access to some of the best universities in the world are definitely irresistible perks to having a job in Boston.

Other options...

There are plenty of other cities in the Northeast Corridor to consider living and working in like Philadelphia or New York City. But if you’re looking for a more affordable urban center to start your job search in, have a look at jobs in Chicago or Pittsburgh as alternatives to the East Coast. Or, if you’re sick of dealing with winter, check out a few cities like San Diego or New Orleans!

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