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Jobs in Cedar Rapids

Smack dab in the middle of corn country is the “City of Five Seasons”. Locals are found of saying that to appreciate the natural beauty of the area and their four seasons, a fifth season is required to enjoy all of it. Not a bad mindset for a city of around 132,000 people. In addition to their great weather, the city has a Fortune 500 company and a plethora of sectors in their local economy to suit everyone’s needs. With a median household income of around $55,000 and great cost of living numbers, looking for a job in Cedar Rapids could be a great move for you.

Industries with jobs in Cedar Rapids

For a city this size you’ll be surprised to find a wide range of industries to work for. The diversity of jobs in Cedar Rapids ensure that no matter what field you’re currently in, you’ll find a fit in one of these:

Information TechnologyInsurance and FinanceHealth CareAgricultureEducation

Many of these industries have a national presence, as well as international offices. The usual contenders of health care and education play a big roll in city, and the largest company with jobs in Cedar Rapids deals with avionics and technology.

Top jobs in Cedar Rapids

Picking the right company after you’ve found your industry is the exciting part. And there are plenty of options when looking for companies with offices in Cedar Rapids:

Rockwell CollinsTransamericaWhirlpoolUniversity of IowaSt. Luke’s Hospital

These companies and employers are among the top jobs in Cedar Rapids. Rockwell Collins is a Fortune 500 company that has thousands of employees in the city. The University of Iowa also provides thousands of workers with jobs in Cedar Rapids, as does St. Luke’s Hospital. And while they aren’t headquartered in Cedar Rapids, companies like Quaker Oats, Toyota, and Nordstrom all have major offices there.

Living in Cedar Rapids

While the weather is a selling point for Cedar Rapids residents, there’s a lot more to like here. The city has a cost of living slightly under the national average and housing costs well below average rental prices across the country. You can find a one-bedroom apartment in town for around $650 and upgrade to a three-bedroom for under $1,000. You’ll pay a little more than normal for transportation and health care, but most other categories are at or below national averages.

Other options...

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