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Jobs in Dallas

And with a median household income of nearly $62,000, coupled with a very reasonable cost of living, there's a wealth of opportunity in The Big D. Unemployment is at normal levels in the city compared to the national average, and thousands of jobs in Dallas are being added every year. Housing prices are obviously more expensive in the city center, but a growing number of jobs in Dallas can be found outside of the downtown area, giving way to cheaper rents and shorter commute times.

Industries with jobs in Dallas

If the state were a country, it would be the 10th largest economy in the world. It got its start with cotton, cattle, timber, and oil, but has greatly broadened its fields of industry. With the national headquarters of Texas Instrument and AT&T, along with a large number of other telecoms all located in ""Silicon Prairie"", you won't find too many cowboy jobs in Dallas these days. While you'll definitely find the usual industries of health care and financial services, there are plenty of opportunities in transportation and logistics, as well as company truck drivers. And with a growing service sector, you won't have a problem finding a job in Dallas in hospitality or retail. There are plenty of industries to choose from when you being your job search in the Dallas area.

Top jobs in Dallas

According to Fortune Magazine, these are just a few of the top companies to work for in the Lone Star State:

TDIndustriesKimleyHornHyatt HotelsSlalomEncompass Home Health and Hospice

All of the employees at these companies submitted favorable reviews of the office environment and benefits offered to them. Most of the top jobs in Dallas are with larger corporations, but there’s a growing small business culture there as the city continues to grow.

The city itself

The Lone Star State does it all, and does it all BIG. Everything looks bigger here: the huge swaths of wide open land that stretch over the horizon, vast expanses of ocean blue skies interrupted only by gigantic puffs of white cumulus clouds, and T-bone steaks that could feed a small family. With the fourth most populated metropolitan area in the US, there's a lot going on in D-Town. With the largest contiguous art district in the States, mouth-watering barbecue and authentic Mexican cuisine, and America's Football Team: the Dallas Cowboys. You definitely won't have a problem keeping busy in this rapidly-growing urban center. All you need to start looking for is a nice job in Dallas to get your feet on the ground. So think about updating your CV and start applying to jobs in Dallas!

Other options...

If all of this sounds promising to you, check out the available jobs in the Dallas area. And while you're at it, have a look at what Houston has to offer. Or maybe you’ve got dreams of landing a job in New York City or Chicago that you could start working on. But there's a lot going on in Texas, so why not see what the Lone Star State has in store for you?

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