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Receive job offers before anyone else! Create a Job Alert for Houston, TX

Jobs in Houston

With a median household income of around $62,000 and new companies moving in every year, you're sure to find opportunities in the areas you're interested in. Also, after you land that job in Houston, you’ll be happy to know housing prices are below the national average, as well as the cost of living being surprisingly affordable when compared to other major cities in the United States.

Industries with jobs in Houston

With the world's largest concentration of healthcare and research institutions, there are plenty of jobs in Houston to look at in these professional fields. Houston also has the second most Fortune 500 company headquarters of any US city, second only to New York City. There are also many job opportunities in the financial services and transportation, especially in trucking. And, of course, there are many engineering positions in the fields of energy, manufacturing, and aeronautics. One of the reasons for the incredible amount of growth in the number of jobs in Houston has been due to the influx of work in the field of energy. So if that’s your area of expertise, you’re in luck! Start getting your CV and cover letters in order and get ready to dive into the growing job market in Houston.

Top jobs in Houston

There are plenty of Fortune 500 companies with jobs in Houston, but Fortune Magazine puts the following companies on their Best Workplaces list:

Camden Property TrustThe Container StoreDavid Weekley HomesHilcorpTDIndustries

The employees of these companies were surveyed for their overall satisfaction in the workplace and recommended their employers as a great place to get a job in Houston.

The city itself

Houston is one of the most rapidly expanding and exciting metropolitan areas to look for job opportunities. With over 2.3 million city residents, it is one of the most culturally diverse cities in the US, with nearly a quarter of all residents being born outside of the country. It's no longer just ""The Space City"" with NASA employees and their families setting up shop. You can find a concert for any of the performing arts on any night of the week, galleries filled with every form of fine art there is, and sporting events from baseball and basketball, to Grand Prix and golf tournaments. Houston is truly a global city on the rise, and there’s plenty of jobs in Houston to fuel the growing local economy.

Other options...

As one of the top ranked cities for recent college graduates, and with a healthy real estate market, Houston is a very attractive destination for your new job search. And if Texas has the flavor you're looking for, check out our Dallas job listings to expand your possibilities. Otherwise, the job markets in Chicago and Los Angeles will have other options if you're looking at different fields of industry.

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