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Jobs in Jonesboro

Situated on Crowley’s Ridge just 50 miles west of the Mississippi River, Jonesboro is the fifth largest city in the state of Arkansas with a population of around 75,000. Home to Arkansas State University, there is an unmistakable college town vibe to the city, and this carries over into the job market, as well. The city has a very low unemployment rate that comes in at 3.1% and a median household income just over $32,000. While this is lower than many other cities across the country, the cost of living is commensurate with wages.

Industries with jobs in Jonesboro

Since the city is a college town, many of the jobs in Jonesboro are geared towards entry level service positions. However, there are still a industries with full-time work:

EducationManufacturingHealth CareLogistics

While Arkansas State University is a major employer in the city, there are also plenty of manufacturing jobs in Jonesboro. Many of these jobs are in food processing. The healthcare industry is also a large sector for employment and employs around 7,500 workers in the city.

And just like the nearby city of Memphis, logistics are an important and growing industry for the city.

Top jobs in Jonesboro

After considering which industries you’re interested in, the following companies are among the top employers with jobs in Jonesboro:

Arkansas State UniversitySt. Bernards HealthcareWalMart Super CentersNestle Prepared Foods Company

Each of these companies employs hundreds of workers in the industries found above. The largest employer in the city is St. Bernards Healthcare with nearly 3,000 employees. Arkansas State University comes in a close second with just a few hundred less workers. The public school systems in the area also add over a thousand jobs to the local economy.

Living in Jonesboro

The city is very affordable with a cost of living that is about 15% lower than the national average. You can expect to find a one-bedroom apartment for around $680 a month. A larger three-bedroom apartment in the city will run you just over $1,200 per month. Every single metric used for cost of living numbers like groceries, utilities, healthcare and transportation are below the national average in Jonesboro. So you won’t have to worry about rising rents or how much you’ll be paying to feed yourself!

Other options...

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