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Jobs in Madison

This Midwest city has a population of around 255,000 people and is set on an isthmus between two picturesque lakes. With one of the best state universities in the country and a growing local economy, there are plenty of jobs in Madison to think about. The city has an unemployment rate of 3.4% and a median income of around $32,000, both of which are better than national averages. There’s a range of occupations and industries present in the city and some great jobs in Madison for you to consider before making the move to “The City of Four Lakes”.

Industries with jobs in Madison

With a highly skilled and highly educated workforce in the city, there’s a diverse range of industries with jobs in Madison:


The biggest industries in the city are undoubtedly the state government and the university. The high tech sector has flourished in conjunction with the university. The research done at the university is carried over into startups and tech companies in the city.

These include Google, Microsoft and CDW, to name a few. There’s also a large network of hospitals that provide thousands of jobs in Madison.

Top jobs in Madison

These top employers in the city are a great place to start looking for jobs in Madison:

Edward JonesUW Credit UnionTDS TelecomAerotekNordic Consulting Partners

The city has a great mixture of large companies with hundreds of employees and small startups with under fifty workers. You’ll also find a range of financial service companies and tech firms to look at in addition to the government funded institutions found in Madison. Pay for the government jobs won’t be as high as the private companies, but the benefits will usually be better. Something to consider.

Living in Madison

Once you’ve found your job in Madison, you’ll be able to know that the city is very affordable. While it’s a few percentage points more expensive than the national average, it’s still a very attractive city to settle down in. A one bedroom apartment costs around $900 a month to rent and an average lunch at a restaurant downtown will run around $12. If you’re looking to buy a home in the area, the median price for a house is around $252,000 according to Zillow.com.

Other options...

If you’re not finding any jobs in Madison that fit your plans, Chicago could be a good option to explore in the Midwest. Or, if the thought of moving to a big city isn’t so appealing to you, check out jobs in Tucson for some great year-round summer weather or Colorado Springs for the mountains and outdoor activities. But you’ve got your heart set on the Midwest, there’s also Cedar Rapids next door and Peoria to the south.

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