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Jobs in Peoria

There’s a lot to like about this small Midwestern city of 112,000 people just a two and a half hour drive from Chicago. The former home of Caterpillar Inc. and a storied past in vaudeville and rum runners give the city a storied past. Seen as a bellwether city, many of the nation’s corporations have plenty of jobs in Peoria. With an unemployment rate of 5.2% that continues to drop, the local economy is beginning to show real signs of growth through 2018. A median household income of $46,000 coupled with a lower cost of living mean Peoria could be the next city for you.

Industries with jobs in Peoria

Even though a city this size might not have the high rise office buildings you see in larger cities, you’ll be surprised how many industries are present with jobs in Peoria:

TechnologyMedicineHealth CareAgriculture

The city has made major changes to the industries present in the city.

Medicine, and specifically penicillin, have become a major industry along with advanced technology. The city’s location in central Illinois makes agriculture a major factor in the local economy, as well.

Top jobs in Peoria

There are many national corporations with jobs in Peoria that you’ll recognize:

CaterpillarUnityPoint HealthBradley UniversityWalMart

While Caterpillar moved their headquarters to Deerfield in the suburbs of Chicago, there are still many jobs in Peoria at the company. Bradley University is also located in Peoria and makes up the bulk of the education jobs. WalMart is another major employer with hundreds of employees in the city and surrounded area.

Living in Peoria

With a cost of living that comes in 3% lower than the national average, you can expect things to be slightly less expensive in Peoria. Groceries and housing costs are well below the average. You can find a one-bedroom apartment for around $750 a month, and a three-bedroom for closer to $1,200. You’ll definitely need your own set of wheels to get around town, though, and transportation costs are right at the national average. There’s also a lot to do in the city with one of the oldest symphony orchestras in the country and the picturesque Grandview Drive. If a calmer pace of life is what you’re after, then have a look at jobs in Peoria.

Other options...

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