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Jobs in Sacramento

Just a two hour drive northeast of San Francisco and two hours southwest of Lake Tahoe, Sacramento is smack dab in the center of a delicious California sandwich. Voted “The Most Hipster City” in the Golden State, looking for jobs in Sacramento is a great place to start when taking a look at California jobs. As the capital of California, the city has a population of around half a million people, and over two million in the metropolitan area. The unemployment rate is just slightly above the national average, coming in at 4.6% in August 2018. As of 2016, the city has a median household income of $79,000.

Industries with jobs in Sacramento

Sacramento has nearly every industry imaginable represented in the city. While the port has lost a lot of business to Stockton in the south, there are still many industries to consider:

Local and Federal GovernmentEducationEngineeringHealth CareTechnology

With the state government being located here, there are a lot of government jobs in Sacramento. And as with many cities across the country, the healthcare industry provides thousands of jobs to the city’s residents. The local school districts, in addition to the University of California Davis campus located just to the west, account for thousands of jobs in the education sector.

Top jobs in Sacramento

According to Forbes 2018 list of companies to work for in the US, the following companies in Sacramento made the cut:

UC Davis Health SystemCounty of SacramentoRaley’s

While these companies are the big contenders, there is a growing startup scene in Sacramento. The jobs in Sacramento are becoming more and more diverse and the wages for conservation scientists, civil engineers, and registered nurses are all much higher than the national average for those positions.

Living in Sacramento

“Sactown” has a lot going for it. However, living in the state of California isn’t as cheap as you’d like it to be. While not as expensive as the other major cities in the state, it is still about 17% more expensive than the national average. Your most expensive category for living expenses will undoubtedly be housing, with a one-bedroom apartment fetching $1,400. Adding an extra bedroom will put your rent around $1,850 a month. Also, the median house prices is going to be around $315,000. And while a few of the neighborhoods located downtown are bike friendly and very walkable, you’ll need your own car to get around and out of the city quickly. Lastly, don’t forget that California is the highest taxed state and you’ll definitely be paying more taxes than you’re used to here.

Other options...

Looking at jobs in Sacramento making you think about other locations in the state of California? There’s always Los Angeles and San Francisco for job opportunities along the Pacific coast. Or if you’re in search of those warm long summers, Texas and the Southwest have plenty of locations for you to consider! Think about if Tucson or Albuquerque could fit the bill, or the surprisingly affordable San Antonio area!

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