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Jobs in San Diego

120 miles south of Los Angeles and tucked in right next to the Mexican border is the second largest city in California. With great weather year-round and a wonderful mix of cultures, finding a job in San Diego will be an exciting opportunity. If you’re looking for tech jobs or have experience as a military contractor, than there are plenty of jobs in San Diego that will be just what you’re looking for. And with the growth in the biotech industry, thanks to the University of California, San Diego, they’ve become the second largest biotech center in the country, just behind Boston.

Industries with jobs in San Diego

With many different industries found in the city, and headquarters for 6 Fortune 500 companies, the major contenders for jobs in San Antonio are:

Information TechnologyHealthcareFinancial servicesRetail ServicesMilitary

According to the U.S. Department of the Navy, the military and defense contractors make up 5% of all civilian jobs in San Diego’s job market.

With the largest naval fleet in the world, it’s easy to see why. But the city has gained a reputation as a great place to start a company, according to Forbes Magazine. And with its proximity to the Mexican border, international trade is a booming industry in this border town.

Top jobs in San Diego

According to Fortune magazine, the following companies are among the best workplaces for jobs in San Antonio:

U.S. BankGoProAldiSempra EnergyConsortium Holdings

If you’re not looking for one of the military contractor firms in the city, there are plenty of other top jobs in San Diego to consider. While there are quite a few large corporations in the city, you’ll also be able to look at some of the most exciting startups in the state, like SmartDrive Systems and Kyriba. And don’t forget about that amazing craft beer scene in what some have called, “America’s Craft Beer Capital”.

Living in San Diego

“America’s Finest City” has a lot to offer its residents. But living next to the Pacific Ocean comes with a price tag. San Diego is 30-35% more expensive than the national average but you’ll be making commensurate wages for most professional jobs in San Diego. As with most cities, housing will be your biggest expense and a single bedroom apartment in a good neighborhood will be around $1,500 a month. Adding an extra bedroom will push your rent north of $2,000 a month. If you’re looking to buy a house, the average property value comes in just under $500,000. And while there is a public transportation system in the city, you’ll need your own wheels to get around the city quickly. Lastly, don’t forget that California is the highest taxed state and you’ll definitely be paying more taxes than you’re used to.

Other options...

Thinking about other locations in the state of California? There’s always Los Angeles and San Francisco for job opportunities to the north. Or if you’re in search of those warm long summers, Texas has plenty of options for you! Think about if Houston or Dallas could fit the bill, or the surprisingly affordable San Antonio area!

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