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Jobs in Tucson

Often called, “Optics Valley”, Tucson is not just a city for snowbirds, anymore. The city has seen steady growth over the past few decades and has a population of over half a million citizens with a $38,000 median household income. If you enjoy a hot summer and temperate winter then start looking for jobs in Tucson. While the local economy isn’t as large as its bigger neighbor to the north, both Phoenix and Tucson are attracting new residents to the state. Finding a job in Tucson is the first step to making the Southwest your new home.

Industries with jobs in Tucson

Looking at the job market in the city, the major sectors for jobs in Tucson are:

MilitaryOptical TechnologyLogisticsTourism

Due to the optical research conducted at the University of Arizona, the technology sector is a major job creator for the city’s residents. And with the Davis-Monthan Air Force Base on the outskirts of the city, government contracts are another source of jobs in Tucson.

The tourism industry is also a major contributor to the local economy as millions of annual visitors descend on the region during the winter months.

Top jobs in Tucson

Some of the major companies and organization to start with then looking for a job in Tucson are:

University of ArizonaRaytheon Missile SystemsU.S. Border PatrolTexas Instruments

If you’re looking for technology related companies, you’ll be happy to find many of the big companies present in the city like Intuit, IBM and Honeywell Aerospace. But the main sector employing thousands of workers are the public schools and research departments in the city. All of these companies will offer attractive benefit packages and very competitive wages.

Living in Tucson

The city has a reputation for being a destination for snowbirds coming from the north. However, with a large student presence from the University of Arizona and Pima Community College, the city’s demographics are always changing. The cost of living in the city is below the national average and you can get most essentials like transportation and utilities for less than in other cities across the US. If you’re looking to rent an apartment, you can expect a reasonably priced one bedroom to cost $650 and two bedrooms go for around $850. You’ll also be able to check out all of the outdoor activities the surrounding hills and mountains have to offer in the region.

Other options...

If you’re looking for other warm climates in the south, there’s always Houston and Dallas for job opportunities. Not to mention San Diego and Los Angeles just one state over to the west. Or if you’re in search of seasonal weather, why not have a look at jobs in New York or Chicago.

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