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Jobs in Yuma

Located along the Mexican border and nuzzled up next to the California state line is Yuma. The small city has a population of around 200,000 in the metropolitan area and a fair size of retirees make Yuma home during the winter months. A large segment of the city’s workforce is composed of seasonal workers in the agriculture industry. The city is famous for the nearby sets used in movies like Return of the Jedi and Spaceballs. With great winter weather and proximity to exciting travel opportunities, this little city is continuing to grow.

Industries with jobs in Yuma

There are three main industries in the city that account for a large portion of the jobs in Yuma:


By far the largest industry in the city is agriculture, due to the areas rich soil. The industry boasts about its 175 different types of crops they produce. There is also a long history of the military in Yuma and this creates thousands of jobs working on the base and providing services to the servicemen and women.

Due to the great weather in the winter months, the city is a magnet for snowbirds and tourists from colder locales.

Top jobs in Yuma

The main players in the local economy with jobs in Yuma follow the industries listed above. Four major employers in the city are:

Marine Air Corps Station YumaYuma Regional Medical CenterAdvanced Call CenterShaw Industries

Military jobs make up the bulk of positions in Yuma and employ over 4,000 workers. The usual medical and education jobs also have thousands of employees in the city and surrounding area. While agricultural jobs make up the bulk of seasonal work, there are still farms that employ workers year-round.

Living in Yuma

You’ve definitely got to love desert climates if you move to Yuma. It’s the driest and sunniest city in America and has temperatures of 90F nearly half of the year. This makes it an attractive city to have a winter home in and the snowbirds have definitely found Yuma. This hasn’t affected the cost of living, though, with a one-bedroom apartment going for $550 and a three-bedroom running around $900, depending on where you’re looking. And with transportation and healthcare costs below the national averages, you will find your dollar goes a long way here.

Other options...

If you’re looking for desert climes but aren’t finding what you’re looking for in Yuma, have a look next door in Albuquerque, New Mexico. A little further east you’ll hit Texas and there’s smaller cities like Corpus Christi and Amarillo that might have a few more options when looking for different industries to work in. Otherwise, there’s always Dallas and Houston that will surely have an industry you’re looking for!

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