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Sandpiper Property Management

Guest Services Ambassador

Gainesville, Florida
21 hr. agoFull-timeLimited ExperienceHotelRegular Employment60K-80K/year
Decca Consulting

Sanitation Associate

Alachua, Florida
21 hr. agoExtensive ExperienceNursing home, HospitalSeasonalContingent Work60K-80K/year

Customer Service Team Lead

Gainesville, Florida
21 hr. agoFull-timeLimited ExperienceCustomer Care Contingent Work60K-80K/year

Contract Logistics Customer Service Professional

Gainesville, Florida
2 days agoFull-timeLimited ExperienceContingent Work60K-80K/year
Interior Logic Group

Warehouse Manager

Port Saint Lucie, Florida
2 days agoFull-timeExtensive ExperienceContingent Work100K-125K/year
BBL Hospitality

Front Desk Supervisor $16 per hour

Port Saint Lucie, Florida
3 days agoFull-timeLimited ExperienceShiftsContingent Work60K-80K/year
Waypoint Management Services, LLC.

Maintenance Manager

Gainesville, Florida
3 days agoExtensive ExperienceBrand MarketingContingent Work80K-100K/year

Service Manager

Gainesville, Florida
3 days agoExtensive ExperienceContingent Work60K-80K/year
Genric SC

Unarmed Security Officer Supervisor

Gainesville, Florida
6 days agoFull-timeLimited ExperienceShiftsContingent Work80K-100K/year
Talent Connect LLC

Mechanical Maintenance Lead

Gainesville, Florida
7 days agoFull-timeLimited ExperienceApprenticeship60K-80K/year

Medical Field Case Manager

Gainesville, Florida
1 wk. agoFull-timeOccasional remote workExtensive ExperienceFixed working hoursContingent Work
Pirtek Fluid Systems

Shop Specialist Location: GA-Gainesville-30501 Post Date: 04-27-23

Gainesville, Florida
LAST MONTHFull-timeLimited ExperienceFixed working hoursRegular Employment80K-100K/year
Pet Paradise

Facilities Maintenance Associate - Gainesville

Gainesville, Florida
LAST MONTHFull-timePart-timeLimited ExperienceNursing home, HospitalShiftsContingent Work
Kwfc Radio Station

Payroll Specialist

Gainesville, Florida
LAST MONTHPart-timeExtensive ExperienceApprenticeship60K-80K/year
USA Labor Services

Bookkeeper - USD 72,400/year average pay

Archer, Florida
4 wk. agoFull-timePart-timeWithout ExperienceSeasonalMinijob, Sidejob72K/year

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The job market in Alachua, Florida

With data compiled from reliable public sources and government organizations like the Bureau of Labor Statistics and the U.S. Census Bureau, Joblift provides you with essential insights to help you in your job search in Alachua, FL.

Alachua is a city known for its diverse array of industries that contribute to the overall economic growth and wellbeing of the community. In this city, the health care industry plays a significant role in providing numerous job opportunities followed by the education sector, which consistently supports workforce development. Retail businesses also form an integral part of the local economy, catering to the needs of the population. Moreover, public administration jobs are available, ensuring effective governance and management of resources. Lastly, administrative, support, and waste management services contribute to maintaining a clean and organized environment for all residents while simultaneously creating employment opportunities. With such diverse industries, Alachua offers a promising platform for career growth and success.

In the city, employment opportunities present various benefits and challenges for jobseekers. With an average salary of $52,946, workers in this area earn approximately 23.52% below the national average. The cost of living, however, is about 6.0% lower than the standard, providing some financial relief for residents. Additionally, around 53% of people are insured by their employers, reflecting a considerable level of job security. When it comes to commuting, employees can expect an average travel time of 26.5 minutes, which is comparable to other cities. Overall, this city offers a range of positive aspects for those seeking new career paths.

In Alachua, Florida, the local economy currently faces an unemployment rate of 4.00%, which is slightly above the national figure of 3.8%. Despite this higher than average unemployment, the city's future job market growth appears to be very strong. This combination of factors indicates potential for employment opportunities and economic development in the coming years, making Alachua a promising location for job seekers looking to benefit from the anticipated robust job market growth.

Alachua offers a range of employment opportunities for professionals seeking to advance their careers. To find the perfect job in Alachua, explore Joblift's extensive listings and utilize our advanced search features and Job Coach tool to match your skills and experience with the right positions.

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