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Live Trucking

Owner Operator CDL-A Jobs

18101 lehigh valley, Pennsylvania
3 wk. agoFull-timeApprenticeship
Houston Methodist Hospital

Registered Nurse (RN) - Relocate to Houston - Day Shift

Allentown, Pennsylvania
4 wk. agoFull-timePermanentShiftsContingent Work
Empire Property Management Group

General Laborer

18109 Allentown, Pennsylvania
LAST MONTHFull-timeLimited ExperienceContingent Work

Armed Transport Guard

18020 Allentown, Pennsylvania
1 wk. agoFull-timeLimited ExperienceFixed working hoursContingent Work


Allentown, Pennsylvania
4 wk. agoLimited ExperienceContingent Work
Uline, Inc.

Regional Facilities Manager

18106 Allentown, Pennsylvania
2 wk. agoExtensive ExperienceBrand MarketingContingent Work
Securitas Inc.

Account Manager

18103 Allentown, Pennsylvania
3 wk. agoFull-timeExtensive ExperienceAccount ManagementFlexible working hoursContingent Work
Milton Hershey School

Youth Development Specialist - Relocation to Hershey, PA

18103 Allentown, Pennsylvania
2 hr. agoLimited ExperienceSenior citizen supportContingent Work
Milton Hershey School

Residential Youth Caregiver - Relocation to Hershey, PA

18103 Allentown, Pennsylvania
2 hr. agoLimited ExperienceContingent Work
Treva Workforce

Travel Nurse RN - ICU - Intensive Care Unit - $2,342 per week

18103 Allentown, Pennsylvania
2 hr. agoFull-timeShiftsRegular Employment

Travel Registered Respiratory Therapist - $2,231 per week

18103 Allentown, Pennsylvania
2 hr. agoFull-timeExtensive ExperienceContingent Work
LRS Healthcare - Travel Nursing

Travel Nurse RN - OR - Operating Room - $2,551 per week

18103 Allentown, Pennsylvania
3 days agoFull-timePart-timePermanentShiftsMinijob, Sidejob
Advantis Medical

Travel Nurse RN - PCU - Progressive Care Unit - $2,287 per week

18103 Allentown, Pennsylvania
3 days agoFull-timeLimited ExperienceShiftsMinijob, Sidejob
Therapy Staff EDU

School Services - Speech Language Pathologist - $49 per hour

18103 Allentown, Pennsylvania
3 days agoFull-timeFixed working hoursContingent Work
LanceSoft - QIA

Radiology Technologist - $30 per hour

18103 Allentown, Pennsylvania
3 days agoPart-timeFixed working hoursContingent Work

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The job market in Allentown, Pennsylvania

With data compiled from reliable public sources and government organizations like the Bureau of Labor Statistics and the U.S. Census Bureau, Joblift provides you with essential insights to help you in your job search in Allentown, PA.

Allentown is a city with a strong presence in industries such as health care, technology, and energy. These sectors offer various employment opportunities for job seekers looking to relocate. The city's health care industry provides essential services to residents and contributes significantly to the local economy. Meanwhile, the technology sector is growing steadily, offering innovative solutions to modern challenges. Additionally, the energy industry plays a vital role in powering homes and businesses. Overall, Allentown offers a stable and promising environment for career growth within these key industries.

In the city, employment opportunities present valuable options for job seekers. With an average salary of $63,391, earnings are around 8.43% below the national average, which may be influenced by a cost of living that is approximately 7% lower than average. A notable 36% of people are insured by their employer, offering additional benefits to workers in this area. Furthermore, residents can expect an average commute time of 23 minutes, ensuring reasonable travel times to and from work. The combination of these factors makes the city an option worth considering for those seeking new career paths.

Allentown, PA experiences a higher unemployment rate of 12.30% compared to the national figure of 3.8%. Despite this challenge, the city's future job market growth is expected to remain steady. With consistent efforts to improve economic opportunities, Allentown aspires to create a robust and sustainable employment environment for its residents in the long run.

Allentown offers a variety of career opportunities for those seeking employment. To find the best jobs in Allentown, utilize Joblift and its advanced search features to match your skills and experience with available positions in the area.