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OneStaff Medical

Travel Nurse RN

Lincoln City, Oregon
1 wk. agoFull-timePart-timeLimited ExperienceShiftsGraduate job


Lincoln City, Oregon
4 wk. agoPart-timeExtensive ExperienceRegular Employment
USA Labor Services

Administrative Assistant - USD 23.47 to USD 38.62/hour

Lincoln Beach, Oregon
4 wk. agoFull-timePart-timeWithout ExperienceContingent Work23.47-38.62/hour
USA Labor Services

Bookkeeper - USD 23.47 to USD 38.62/hour

Lincoln Beach, Oregon
4 wk. agoFull-timePart-timeWithout ExperienceContingent Work23.47-38.62/hour

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The job market in Lincoln City, Oregon

With data compiled from reliable public sources and government organizations like the Bureau of Labor Statistics and the U.S. Census Bureau, Joblift provides you with essential insights to help you in your job search in Lincoln City, OR.

Lincoln City offers a diverse range of industries for jobseekers to explore, catering to various professional backgrounds. The hospitality sector stands out as a key player in the city's economy, providing ample opportunities for those skilled in customer service and accommodation management. Retail also thrives here, with numerous shopping outlets and stores seeking individuals well-versed in sales and consumer relations. Health care is another prominent industry, ensuring that medical professionals have access to rewarding careers within the area. Entertainment options are available too, encompassing venues and events that require dedicated staff to cater to the public's leisure needs. Additionally, public administration roles remain crucial to the functioning of the city, calling for skilled personnel to oversee essential services and operations. Overall, Lincoln City presents a solid landscape for jobseekers in search of varied career prospects

In the city, employment opportunities present themselves in a favorable light, with an average salary of $51,748. This figure is 25.25% below the national average, yet remains competitive for those seeking work within its boundaries. For some residents, job security is enhanced by employer-provided insurance coverage, as approximately 25% of people benefit from this provision. The cost of living aligns closely with the national median, making it an appealing destination for individuals considering relocation. Furthermore, the city offers a reasonable commute time at just 16 minutes, contributing to an overall positive and balanced employment environment.

In Lincoln City, Oregon, the local economy faces an above-average unemployment rate of 8.7%. Despite this challenge, the city's future job market is expected to experience robust growth. This forthcoming expansion presents an optimistic outlook for residents and businesses alike, as the thriving job market will contribute to a healthy and sustainable economic environment in Lincoln City.

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