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Newbold Services LLC

Day Porter

LaGrange, Georgia
6 hr. agoFull-timeLimited ExperienceSeasonalContingent Work
Surge Staffing

Account Manager

LaGrange, Georgia
7 hr. agoFull-timeExtensive ExperienceAccount ManagementContingent Work
Lumi People LLC

Warehouse Manager | 2nd Shift | West Point, GA

LaGrange, Georgia
7 hr. agoFull-timeExtensive ExperienceShiftsContingent Work
F&H Commercial Cleaners

Cleaning Crew Team Member (#a95c87499)

LaGrange, Georgia
7 hr. agoPart-timeLimited ExperienceContingent Work
Planet Fitness

Member Services Representative /Weekends

LaGrange, Georgia
4 wk. agoPart-timeService, Guest careRegular Employment
Total Diagnostic Interventional Pain

Medical Office Manager (#61cc9fbd1)

LaGrange, Georgia
3 wk. agoFull-timeExtensive ExperienceContingent Work
Automotive Supplier

Payroll Supervisor (#75bc90013)

LaGrange, Georgia
3 wk. agoFull-timePart-timeExtensive ExperienceContingent Work
RVP Films Inc

Customer Service Representative

Ranburne, Alabama
3 days agoFull-timeLimited ExperienceRegular Employment
Live Trucking

Hazmat - Company Driver CDL-A Jobs

Auburn, Alabama
2 wk. agoFull-timeRegular Employment

Production Technician

Newnan, Georgia
4 wk. agoFull-timeLimited ExperienceProduction Contingent Work
Five Star Painting of Macon

Residential Project Manager

Peachtree City, Georgia
7 hr. agoExtensive ExperienceBrand MarketingContingent Work
Harris County

Executive Assistant - Prison

Hamilton, Georgia
7 hr. agoFull-timeLimited ExperienceExecutive Assistant, Secretary Contingent Work
The Reserves Network Inc

Cycle Counter

Midland, Georgia
7 hr. agoLimited ExperienceWarehouseContingent Work
The Reserves Network Inc

Batch Distribution 1st Shift

Midland, Georgia
7 hr. agoPart-timeExtensive ExperienceShiftsContingent Work

armed security guard (#0ecfd65b13)

Opelika, Alabama
7 hr. agoFull-timeFixed working hoursRegular Employment

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The job market in Roanoke, Alabama

With data compiled from reliable public sources and government organizations like the Bureau of Labor Statistics and the U.S. Census Bureau, Joblift provides you with essential insights to help you in your job search in Roanoke, AL.

Roanoke is a city with diverse industries that offer various employment opportunities for jobseekers. The manufacturing sector plays a significant role in the local economy, employing numerous individuals across different skill levels. Health care is another major industry, providing essential services and stability to the community. Hospitality thrives in Roanoke, catering to both residents and tourists alike. Retail businesses are well-established throughout the city, offering a range of shopping experiences for consumers. Finally, transportation contributes to Roanoke's overall economic health, ensuring efficient movement of goods and people within the region. With such a robust industrial foundation, Roanoke presents an attractive landscape for those seeking new career paths.

In the city, employment opportunities come with certain advantages and drawbacks to consider. On one hand, the cost of living is about 27.0% lower than average, making it more affordable for residents compared to other locations. Additionally, the average commute time is only 22.5 minutes, which can be appealing for those who value efficient transportation.

On the other hand, the average salary in this city is $41,312, which is 40.32% below the national average, possibly leading to a lower standard of living for some individuals. Furthermore, employer-sponsored insurance coverage accounts for 43% of the population, indicating that access to healthcare benefits might be limited for certain workers. In conclusion, while there are aspects of affordability and convenience in this city, potential job seekers should carefully weigh

In Roanoke, AL, the current unemployment rate is 2.5% below the national average, indicating a favorable environment for job seekers. The city's future job market growth is projected to be strong, providing an optimistic outlook for individuals looking to secure employment. As a result, Roanoke maintains a stable and promising economy, making it an ideal location to explore career opportunities and experience steady job market growth.

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