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Greenheart Exchange

Coordinator for International High School Students! (#c21f81072)

Sulphur, Oklahoma
3 days agoFull-timeLimited ExperienceSeasonalFreelance
Taco Mayo Franchise Systems LLC


Sulphur, Oklahoma
7 days agoLimited ExperienceInternship
Mays Home Health

Personal Care Aide - Sulphur, OK

Sulphur, Oklahoma
2 days agoFull-timePart-timeWithout ExperienceFlexible working hoursContingent Work
Taco Bell

Team Member

Sulphur, Oklahoma
4 wk. agoPart-timeLimited ExperienceRegular Employment
Heidelberg Materials US, Inc.

Hiring Now

Davis, Oklahoma
4 days agoFull-timeLimited ExperienceFlexible working hoursMinijob, Sidejob
Heidelberg Materials US, Inc.

Day Shift Plant Maintenance Mechanic

Troy, Oklahoma
LAST MONTHLimited ExperienceShiftsContingent Work
Prestera Trucking

CDL-A Team Hazmat - DoD Freight

Ada, Oklahoma
2 wk. agoFull-timeApprenticeship

LPN or Medical Assistant

Ardmore, Oklahoma
3 wk. agoFull-timeLimited ExperienceTemporaryFixed working hoursApprenticeship
Summit Utilities Inc

Data Collection Driver

Ada, Oklahoma
2 days agoFull-timeLimited ExperienceFixed working hoursRegular Employment

Apartment Maintenance Technician - Full-Time

Tishomingo, Oklahoma
3 days agoFull-timeLimited ExperiencePermanentApprenticeship15-20/hour
Pilot Company

Janitorial Maintenance

Ardmore, Oklahoma
7 days agoFull-timePart-timeLimited ExperienceShiftsRegular Employment
Traditions Hospitality Group

Housekeeping - Lakecrest Casino

Ardmore, Oklahoma
2 wk. agoFull-timePart-timeHotelSeasonalShiftsContingent Work
The Tile Shop

Material Handler - Receiving

Durant, Oklahoma
3 wk. agoFull-timeWarehouseFixed working hoursRegular Employment
Sanford Federal Inc


Wewoka, Oklahoma
3 days agoFull-timeLimited ExperienceFixed working hoursContingent Work
Fun Town RV

Service Manager

Thackerville, Oklahoma
7 days agoFull-timeExtensive ExperienceBrand MarketingShiftsContingent Work

Top Occupations in Sulphur, OK

The job market in Sulphur, Oklahoma

With data compiled from reliable public sources and government organizations like the Bureau of Labor Statistics and the U.S. Census Bureau, Joblift provides you with essential insights to help you in your job search in Sulphur, OK.

Sulphur is a city with diverse industries that cater to various sectors, including health care, hospitality, retail, manufacturing, and public administration. These key industries contribute significantly to the city's economic growth and provide numerous job opportunities for its residents. In Sulphur, professionals in these sectors can expect to find an environment conducive to career development and advancement. With a focus on clarity and precision, this city maintains a strong foundation for individuals seeking new opportunities within these important industries.

In the city, jobseekers will find that employment opportunities come with an average salary of $49,305, which is 28.78% below the national average. Despite the lower wages, residents benefit from a cost of living that is approximately 26.0% lower than the nationwide median. A noteworthy aspect of the city's workforce is that 41% of individuals are insured through their employer. Additionally, the average commute time for employees in the city is a manageable 17.5 minutes. These factors combine to create a unique employment landscape in the city, offering potential advantages and challenges for those considering relocation.

Sulphur, Oklahoma has an unemployment rate of 4.40%, which is higher than the national average of 3.8%. This indicates a more competitive job market in the city. Despite this challenge, Sulphur's future job market growth is projected to be steady, suggesting stability and opportunities for those seeking employment in the area. Overall, the local economy and job market demonstrate resilience and promise for jobseekers considering Sulphur as their next destination.

Sulphur, a charming city in Oklahoma, offers various opportunities for job seekers. To find jobs in Sulphur, utilize Joblift's advanced search options and Job Coach tool to match your skills and experience with the perfect role.

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