SexTech offers technology-driven solutions designed to enhance, innovate and disrupt areas of human sexuality, sexual experience and even areas like fertility.

Job platform Joblift analyzed over 50 million job ads published in 2018 and focused on ads posted by SexTech companies. SexTech is a $30 billion industry growing at 30% per year, potentially outpacing high growth sectors like drone manufacturing. Joblift wanted to know if such exponential growth had the same impact on jobs. 279 jobs in the SexTech sector were posted in 2018 which represents a 31% average monthly growth. Product Managers (33%), Software Engineers (27%) and Marketing Managers (24%) are the most sought-after professionals. Joblift also identified the fastest growing areas with fertility apps (+16%), smart sextoys (+8%) and sex education apps (+6%).

About Joblift

Joblift is a job platform that makes the hiring process intuitive and frictionless for both job seekers and employers. By using the latest machine learning techniques and big data-based algorithms, Joblift provides an optimal match between applicant and organization. Currently active in the US, the UK, Germany, France and the Netherlands, Joblift cooperates with over 4,000 partners to combine over 10 million job postings on our platform. Our highly energetic and entrepreneurial team is led by experienced founders Lukas Erlebach (CEO) and Alexander Rausch (COO), who most recently held C-Level positions at Zalando and Amorelie.


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VP Marketing
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