San Diego, California. December 4th, 2018 – While most positions are filled on a voluntary basis, it is also possible to be an employee of the Church. Job search platform Joblift analyzed close to 50 million job ads published in the US in 2018 and focused on jobs published by churches across the country. Out of over 125,000 ads published the past 12 months, Nurses are the professionals churches are looking to hire the most, not Ministers or Pastors as one may assume. In addition to that, church positions show to be more adaptable to candidates than average. This may be a measure to attract more candidates while churches face difficulties to hire.

Churches published -1.3% of job ads every month the past year

Joblift counted 126,161 church-related jobs or jobs published by churches in 2018. The job platform observed a slight decrease of 1.3% on average each month in the number of jobs published. This number is due to the large number of postings published between the months of January and March (almost 40% of total postings). City-wise, Chicago, Tulsa, Omaha, Salt Lake City and New York City represent 6% of total ads. The same way 35% of total published ads were issued by five states only: Texas, California, Illinois, Pennsylvania and Florida.

Nurses positons are decreasing despite being the most advertised positions

The most sought-after professionals are Nurses, despite a slight decrease (-1%) in published ads. Job ads for Nurses still represent close to 10% of total published ads the past 12 months, thanks to health systems affiliated to churches. Administrative Assistants (7% of jobs) are also in demand to manage church activities with an increase of 3% every month. Ministry Directors represent an important part of church jobs (7%) and open positions have increased over 6% in 2018. Churches also hired a great number of Certified Nursing Assistants (6% of job ads). This position might gain a higher ranking in 2019 since Joblift examined an increase of almost 8% over the period. Caregivers (6%) showed a steady growth of near 2% each month.

The Church is three times more likely to offer flexible contracts to candidates

60% of examined job ads were equal opportunity employer versus 22% for total jobs published at the same period. In addition to that, 15% of positions are flexible and offer part-time contracts if the candidate wishes. Such choice is offered in less than 5% of positions in other areas. This may however be due to the difficulty churches have hiring.

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