Joblift examines jobs with on-site training in the United-States

San Diego, California. November 20th 2018 – Companies in need of blue collar hires are confronted with important skill gaps and find themselves needing to come up with ways of attracting candidates. In this context, job platform Joblift analyzed 48 million job ads published over the last 12 months and noticed over half a million employers mentioning on-the-job (OJT) training in their job ads. OJT could help attract those candidates interested in the job but lacking the required skills.

5 states gather a third of all OJT job ads

Joblift counted 549,650 job ads published over the last 12 months offering OJT for their future hires. The mention of “on-the-job” or “on-site” training” has been increasing by a little over 1% every month in the past year. Almost a third of all OJT job ads are gathered within 5 states. Unsurprisingly, California (50,019) and Texas (38,507) come first as the two states are also the most populated. Ohio (25,604) comes next, followed by Florida (24,049) and Illinois (22,396). City-wise, New York City counts the most job ads with OJT with a total of 4,108 postings this last year. Houston (3,564) and Chicago (2,977) also offer amongst the most OJT job opportunities. Omaha (2,915) and Phoenix (2,903) likewise make it to the top 5.

More job ads for Truck Drivers but Automotive Technician OJT postings almost doubled this year

Nationwide, 44,472 Truck Driver job ads offer on-site training, making it the first position in the country to offer such training, followed by Restaurant Crew Team Members (39,023) and Satellite TV Technicians (30,738). CDL Drivers (15,139) and Retail Sales Associates (9,872) also make it to the top 5. Three jobs specifically stand out and numbers show that more opportunities may come in the future. In fact, Automotive Technicians, Welding Supervisors and Registered Nurses show the highest monthly growth of OJT mentions in job ads of the year, with respectively 92%, 87% and 28%. If this trend continues in 2019, those three jobs could make it in the top 5 for the year to come.

Experience matters more than degrees

Employers offering on-site training and making their open positions more accessible still have a set of requirements regarding degrees and experience. While higher education degrees matter very little (over half of ads only demand a High School degree), seniority remains important. 44% require a minimum of 3 to 5 years of professional experience out of the 549,650 analyzed job ads and 11% over 8 years, meaning those jobs are still open to more senior people.

About Joblift

Joblift is a job platform that makes the hiring process intuitive and frictionless for both job seekers and employers. By using the latest machine learning techniques and big data-based algorithms, Joblift provides an optimal match between applicant and organization. Currently active in the US, the UK, Germany, France and the Netherlands, Joblift cooperates with over 4,000 partners to combine over 10 million job postings on our platform. Our highly energetic and entrepreneurial team is led by experienced founders Lukas Erlebach (CEO) and Alexander Rausch (COO), who most recently held C-Level positions at Zalando and Amorelie.


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