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San Diego, California. September 18th, 2018 — In the same way that it is difficult for parents to leave their children at home or daycare when they head to the office, it is also difficult for many pet owners to leave their cats, dogs and other beloved animals behind. Luckily for them, more and more companies are offering employees the chance to bring their pets to work. Job platform Joblift has analyzed all 32,270 online job postings from the last year that offer candidates the chance to bring their pets to work, and discovered that this trend is steadily growing, particularly in the transportation industry.

Nearly Three Quarters of Pet-Friendly Job Postings for Truck Drivers

One can find a plethora of articles on the internet that detail the perks of allowing pets like dogs in the office. Reasons stated generally include, but are not limited to: stress relief, better performance, better morale, improved communication among employees and so forth. These positive side effects do not only apply to office workers, however. In fact, the majority (72%) of pet-friendly job postings from the last year were for commercial truck driver positions. Coming in a distant second and third were postings for veterinary technicians and sales/marketing professionals, which accounted for 2% and 1% percent of postings respectively.

Seattle, Austin and Chicago Account for Most Postings with Option to Bring Your Pet to Work

Seattle, Austin and Chicago earned the distinction of being the most pet-friendly working cities in the U.S. in terms of total job postings. There were 466 job postings in Seattle over the last year that welcomed pets in the workplace, 208 in Austin and 156 in Chicago. The top professions offering employees the option to bring their pet to the office in Seattle, Austin and Chicago were, respectively, as follows: software engineer (12%), truck driver (10%) and once again truck driver (66%). In Seattle, 85% of postings were for jobs in small organizations with less than 50 employees; in Austin 63% and in Chicago 54%. It would appear, then, that the inclusion of animals in the office environment is a workplace benefit yet to be embraced by large corporations.

Percentage of Jobs Postings with Pet Perk Have Grown by 4%

Good news for pet owners: the trend of employers allowing their employees to bring their pets to work is growing. The percentage of jobs offering the option to bring your pet to work has increased, on average, over the last year by 4% each month. Furthermore, it would appear that most employers that allow pets at the office are equal opportunity animal lovers. Approximately 17% of job postings specifically mentioned that employees could bring dogs to work, whereas the rest were vaguer in their description and said that employees could generally bring any type of pet. The number of postings from the last year geared towards pet owners is small compared to the total number of online jobs posted in the same period of time (47,343,171). However, that may change in the future as employers continue to think of new and clever ways to attract new hires and retain top talent.


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