Living and Working in the Golden Gate City

Dating back to the California Gold Rush, San Francisco has long been regarded as the financial hub of the American West. However, in recent decades other industries have risen to prominence. The following are the top sectors offering jobs in San Francisco: finance, tourism, high-tech, biotechnology, medical research and higher education. It’s also the home of many well-known entreprises. According to the San Francisco Center for Economic Development these are the 10 of the largest companies offering jobs in San Francisco, ranked by total number of employees - Wells Fargo, Calif. Pacific Medical Center, Salesforce, Kaiser Permanenete, PG&E Corp., Safeway Inc., Gap Inc., Dignity Health, Academy of Art University and Williams-Sonoma Inc.

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High wages with an even higher cost of living

According to a 2018 analysis from Business Insider, San Francisco ranks just behind San Jose for the accolade of having the nation’s strongest city economy. As of 2016, its GDP growth rate was 5.4%. The average income in San Francisco is $87,096 per year, nearly twice the national median household income. Additionally, the unemployment rate of the region was a meager 2.9% as of February 2018.

Top 10 Jobs in San Francisco and annual median income in $

All the high tech industries you can imagine

There's definitely a tech focus in the city and you will find that just about every single tech company in the States has a presence here. WIth 7,815,804 job listings posted in San Francisco last year, there are plenty of opportunities for job seekers in the city. Just make sure you'll be making a competitive wage so you can afford the astronomical cost of living!

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